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Horizon Marking Hot Ink Rolls

Exceptional Products to meet your needs

Hot Ink Rolls

Largest Variety of Standard Hot Melt Ink Roll Colors

Custom Colors available upon request

Fourteen standard colors available and in stock

Standard Hot Roll Colors:

Hot Ink Roll Colors


Black - Grey

Blue - Sky Blue - Yellow

Green - Light Green - Light Purple - Purple

Brown - Orange - Pink - Red

All standard and custom hot ink roll sizes available

For kortho, Norwood, Markem and other major ink roll coder and marking printers

Standard ink roll sizes are available for all major ink roll printer manufacturers. Custom sizes are available.

Hot Ink Roll Sizes Norwood Markem kortho
Hot Ink Roll Sizes Norwood Markem kortho

Custom multi-color and UV ink options

New Multi Color UV Hot Ink Rolls.JPG

Largest selection of color and ink options in the industry

We can special order colors to meet your needs. Multi-color ink rolls are available. UV ink rolls are available for sensor detection.

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